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Ireland by Mind Map: Ireland

1. Normans

1.1. North Men

1.1.1. Scandinavian Vikings, raided France and other European countries, some never returned to Scandinavia

1.1.2. French King gave them land, in the believe they would stop raiding the French Normandy

1.2. All fun stopped with the Norman invasion

1.3. Invasion of Ireland May 1, 1169

1.4. Hated by the Irish church

1.5. Languages- French and English

1.6. Architecture

1.7. Brilliant builders

1.8. The Normans were defeated in the end by King Henry of England - thus making Ireland forever connected to England

2. Celts

2.1. Colonised Ireland between 8th and 1st century B.C. (?)

2.2. Tribes led by kings (høvdinge)

2.3. Slaves from war and raids

2.3.1. Old Irish word for slave CACHT: Latin for CAPTUS (captive)

2.3.2. Female slaves (CUMAL); a unit of value used in trade

2.4. Celtic smiths were famous for weapons, jewellery

2.5. Fierce warriors who decapitated heads (head hunters)

2.6. Polygyny

2.7. Celebrated Samhain ( "Savain")

2.7.1. Winter solstice

2.7.2. today known as Halloween

2.8. Priests: druids

2.8.1. Sacrificed values, human and animals Please the Gods Good harvest Mild Winter

2.9. Language; Gaelic

2.9.1. Still used in many areas of Ireland

2.10. Believed in Giants

2.10.1. The Giants had sex with the women, but the Giants thought the Irish women were too ugly, so they went to Scotland. Then Scotland build a huge wall to keep the Irish Giants out, because they thought the Giants were ugly and smelly

3. Fun fact: Rabbits are not native in Ireland - the Normans brought them as a source for food