Oakley Sun

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Oakley Sun by Mind Map: Oakley Sun

1. Past

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. When I was younger, inspired by the people I watched, I wanted to be a gaming Youtuber or streamer. At one point I also wanted to be a actor, and a game designer. I realized that those were unlikely, so I scrapped the ideas.

1.1.2. I really wanted a dog or cat. They looked so cute and seemed fun to have around. Unfortunately I ended up being allergic to cats, however in the future I did get a dog.

1.2. Personality

1.2.1. I was very extroverted and courageous. I wasn't really scared about what other people thought I just did what I thought was funny, which resulted in a lot of cringe memories.

1.2.2. I liked to make people laugh, so I made a lot of jokes, did pranks, etc.

1.2.3. Hot-headed. I got mad and embarrassed easily, and although I did not like doing physical contact, I vented my frustration out verbally. Despite this I was still very nice and only did this if other people aggravated me first.

1.3. Education

1.3.1. Elementary School I went to Marlborough Elementary School from kindergarten to grade 7. I would say I was a pretty good student. I had very good grades throughout my elementary school year, and it seemed like the teachers liked me. There were a few times where I got in trouble because me and my friends were trying to do something fun and daring, like sneaking to places we shouldn't be. I enjoyed my time there a lot. There I met a lot of my friends that are some of my best friends now. I never once wanted to skip school, as it was fun, the teachers were great, and the work wasn't too difficult. I'm not a very sporty person so the only sports team I joined was the recreational volley ball team. I also signed up for choir once since they promised an ice cream party at the end, and I did other things like monitoring little kids and the office at lunch. Some notable experiences with be camping in grade 6 and 7. We went to cabins and a lot of my friends and I were into he same cabin, so we can do many fun stuff like staying up.

1.3.2. Daycare I went to Nelson Avenue Daycare from age 6 to 10. Because my parents both had work, they couldn't watch me during the day so I was sent here. When I had no school I was there 9 to 6, and if I had school I would be there from school end to 6. It was very fun, and although I don't talk to my friends that were with me in the daycare back then, I still cherish the memories. We played a lot with toys and went outside, as well as other childish things such as making our own comics and "stores."

1.4. General Life

1.4.1. I was born in Canada on March 14, 2006, which was six years after my parents moved from China to Canada (at 2000).

1.4.2. Extracurricular Classes I didn't join any sports teams, although I did complete swim kids and did gymnastics for a little while. When I was younger I also did Taekwondo. Occasionally my parents also signed me up for basketball from time to time. For more educational classes, I did Chinese classes for a while, as well Kumon for a few years.

1.4.3. Freetime While growing up I did a lot like what other kids my age do. I watched a lot of TV, such as YouTube on it or cartoons/shows. Then after a few years, my parents bought a Samsung tablet. I stopped watching TV as much and used that instead whenever I had free time. Additionally, I read a lot of books, fiction ones especially.

1.4.4. Hobbies There was a time when I enjoyed coding and did things on Scratch.

2. Future

2.1. Job

2.1.1. I am currently still unsure about what I 100% want to be when I grow up, although I have a few ideas. A job that relates to computers, such as hardware and software (coding). One thing for sure is that I want an indoor job, and I had a lot of fun assembling computers and doing a little coding. One problem is that I think it would be hard to find a good paying job position. My other idea is to be a family doctor or orthodontist. My parents, much like other Asian parents, want me to become a doctor. Personally, I don't want to be one, as what if I screw up something and the patient dies or gets really hurt? That's when being a home doctor or orthodontist comes in place. They are both relatively high paying jobs that don't have a patient's life depending on me and is easier than other doctors.

2.2. Education

2.2.1. Much like my job career, I am also unsure where I want to go to university. My parents want me to go to the really good ones in America, although I do enjoy Burnaby a lot and would like to stay here. I also hope that my friends and I can share a house or dorm, that would be really fun.

2.2.2. I hope to not be in university for too long, as I would like to be a free adult as soon as possible, although I understand that if I want a better paying job I'll most likely have to attend school longer.

2.3. Goals

2.3.1. In the future, I believe my goals would be like other adults, be successful, and can support myself and my family. I would also like to give back to my parents.

2.3.2. I hope to spend a lot of time with my friends, as we are now adults and are allowed to go anywhere we want. Travelling to other countries with them is a big possibility.

2.4. Family

2.4.1. I definitely would like to get married in the future and have one or two children. Although I know raising children is hard, I think having one or two will also be very fun and I would like to continue my family's bloodline. Additionally I would also like to have a pet, either a cat or dog.

2.4.2. I hope to still stay in tough with my parents and sister in the future, as well.

3. Present

3.1. Personality

3.1.1. Unlike my old self, I am now more introverted. I have trouble talking to people and carrying on conversations with people I am not too familiar with. However this is the opposite with people that I am close with and I enjoy going out with them and talking to them a lot.

3.1.2. I like to think that I am much more mature and calm than my old self. I don't get mad often and I know what I should and shouldn't do.

3.2. General Life

3.2.1. Freetime Much like my older self, I pretty much use my computer when I have free time. I play games, watch anime, YouTube, call with friends etc. like a lot of others. Compared to the past I read a lot less, although occasionally I would buy some light novels to read before bed. I also like to go out with my friends. We go to the mall a lot, although we also go to other restaurants and occasionally further places such as PNE.

3.2.2. Extracurricular Classes I play piano and I am currently at level 10. Additionally with piano, I am also doing theory and I have a grade 8 exam coming up. A few years ago I joined one of my first actual sports team, water polo, and I still do it today. I really enjoy the sport as it's like a mix of every sport, while in the pool. Swimming is nice because I don't get as sweaty.

3.2.3. Hobbies Lately I have gotten into computers; building them specifically. I've built the computer I use currently, as well as some for my friends. I enjoy eating and trying out new foods from different cultures and restaurants/food chains.

3.3. Highschool

3.3.1. I am going into grade 10 of high school. I go to Burnaby South. I had a rough start as almost all of my friends went to other high schools, and there was barely anyone I recognized in my classes. Now it's really fun, although very hard sometimes. I especially enjoy gym and food studies, and French is my worst class. It's hard for me to remember all of the words and rules. In grade 8 and 9 I was in all four honors, although I also had lots of easy classes such as food studies and media arts to balance it out. Unfortunately next year I believe it wil be a lot harder for me since I will be doing some grade 11 and ap courses, with less fun courses as my parents say grade 10 is when universities really start to look at your classes. One of my most notable experiences so far was foods class. It was just really enjoyable as for most of the class we would just make food with friends. After we were done we could just chill and talk.

3.4. Family

3.4.1. I live with my mom, dad, sister, and dog Lucky. My mom works as an accountant and my dad is a welder. My sister is a game designer, which is a reason why I wasn't allowed to be one as my parents don't want two game designers. We moved to Canada without any of my aunts and uncles, so I don't have any extended family here.

3.4.2. Every four or so years I would go back to China with my family to visit my grandparents and other family I have there. I extremely dislike being on planes and the place we go to, unfortunately.