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1. give opportunities for students to get more comfortable with speaking in front of the class (scaffolded as needed)

1.1. not just presentations

2. give explicit time for students to work on interpersonal interactions

2.1. interpersonal interaction time has been greatly reduced by the pandemic

3. digital literacy lessons need to be confined within the classroom

3.1. not all children will have the opportunity to work on this at home

4. rules of social media need to be explicitly stated (for example- not everything you read online is true)

4.1. there is are a lot of safety issues with kids being online at home or in the classroom

5. No personal devices in the classroom? No school-provided devices at home?

6. be open to children's interpretations and suggestions about technology

6.1. there needs to be a safety net around this

7. kids can write tweets without actually using twitter!

7.1. Use technology in a purposeful way! Think about what skills social media apps can provide to people but then practice those skills in kid-friendly spaces.

7.2. lessons can resemble social media or platforms students are familiar with, but this does not mean students need to be explicitly using the social media app

8. we need to explicitly teach children how to be producers of technology

8.1. suggest an alternate non-tech activity if students are only consuming technology