Types Of Research

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Types Of Research by Mind Map: Types Of Research

1. User Research

1.1. Positives when doing a user research

1.1.1. Get feedback on the finished product design and specification

1.1.2. Watch how the users use the product

1.1.3. You will know how the product will look before you buy the end product

1.2. Negatives when doing user research

1.2.1. Data provided can be largely qualatative It can be biased It could possibly be answered through opinion It could possibly be answered through their cultural beliefs

1.3. Purpose of user research

1.3.1. To make sure the product exceeds over the users needs and wants

1.4. Definition of user research

1.4.1. User research is knowing the users needs and wants from real end users

2. Expert Appraisal

2.1. Positives when doing a expert appraisal

2.1.1. Experts give feedback about the product with their knowledge as they are experts in the subject

2.2. Negatives when doing a expert appraisal

2.2.1. Experts could be biased on a subject

2.2.2. Difficult to locate an expert

2.2.3. data is usually qualitative

2.3. Purpose of expert appraisal

2.3.1. To provide feedback on the subject and give comments on where improvements could be made

2.4. Definition of expert appraisal

2.4.1. A expert appraisal is someone who is an expert through knowledge on the subject

3. Online Survey

3.1. Positives when doing a online survey

3.1.1. Online surveys are mainly cost efficient

3.1.2. Instant feedback (Saves time)

3.1.3. Quick to analyze as most softwares provides accurate graphs and tables on the responses

3.2. Negatives when doing a online survey

3.2.1. Technical issues may occur

3.2.2. People can give false answers

3.2.3. People can still access the online survey and answer it more than once

3.3. Purpose of online survey

3.3.1. To find out what peoples point of view is about a certain product/subject

3.4. Definition of online survey

3.4.1. A online survey is done mainly through technology/software and is a way of gathering information from a number of individuals

4. Literature Search

4.1. Positives when doing a literature search

4.1.1. Can gather a lot of information

4.2. Negatives when doing a literature search

4.2.1. May have an abundance of data

4.2.2. Time consuming

4.3. Purpose of literature search

4.3.1. To give the viewer a clearer understanding of the literature(e.g. article, newspaper, reports etc.) through its descrition,evaluationand claficiation

4.4. Definition of literature search

4.4.1. A literature search is research done through reports and newspapers to follow the historical development

5. User Trial

5.1. Positives when doing a user trial

5.1.1. Feedback of product is unbiased

5.2. Negatives when doing a user trial

5.2.1. The user is not an expert

5.2.2. All quantitative

5.3. Purpose of user trial

5.3.1. To give comments/feedback to the company/organisation will using its product

5.4. Definition of use trial

5.4.1. A user trial is when a company or organization bring in a number of their product users and receive feedback about its product

6. Questionnaire

6.1. Positives when doing a questionnaire

6.1.1. Can collect information from a large portion of group

6.1.2. Quick to collect information

6.1.3. Easy to analyze

6.2. Negatives when doing a question

6.2.1. Allows people to give false answers

6.2.2. DIfficult to get depth answers as it is simple answers compared to interviews

6.3. Purpose of questionnaires

6.3.1. To gather information about people's thoughts, attitudes and behavior to a certain thing

6.4. Definition of questionnaire

6.4.1. A questionnaire is a set of questions that are either written or printed with answer choices

7. Product Analysis (General Criteria)

7.1. Positives when doing a product analysis

7.1.1. Can gather feedback

7.1.2. Can get a rating a from the user

7.2. Negatives when doing a product analysis

7.2.1. The users could be too judgmental and can possibly be biased

7.3. Purpose of product analysis

7.3.1. The purpose of product analysis is that it gives a clear understanding on the resources needed to produce a product and to find out more about each element (general criteria)

7.4. Definition of product analysis

7.4.1. Product analysis is when you examine the product and provide a rating when using the general criteira