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Iron (Fe) by Mind Map: Iron (Fe)

1. Idea

1.1. While being quarantined for COVID people ate loads of food over that time, whilst cooking, and steaming, and grilling, and frying... most people used cast iron skillets. The main manufacture of said product had a hold up on it's product due to one's company not being "essential" during the COVID pandemic. Reason being it was told to close down for the remainder of the year (Feb). During that time, most if not all skillets were left out because the last manager on duty failed to recognize that they were closing due to the pandemic.

1.1.1. Airporrts used cast iron skillets to cook its food for its passengers, pilots, cabin crew, etc, on planes and within airports. The kitchen crew used the rusted skillets to cook the food and when served the food had a considerable amount of iron in its food.

1.2. Airport staff used Brillo pads to clean their cast iron skillets, and rust transferred from the Brillo to the pan (Brillo pad mixed with vinegar, salt, and Hydrogen Peroxide makes the Brillo turn into rust OVER TIME)

1.2.1. I could say somehow the chemicals mixed together and over time the skillets started to rust then food was made, it was served, people ate it, they got sick/poisoned, etc etc. Kid's dad works in part-time in both a clinic and an airport buffet (that's how kids gets access to hydrogen peroxide) kid mixes Brillo pad with vinegar, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, kid doesnt see anything happen so he places brillo pad back in kitchen. 3 minutes go by... kitchen staff goes in the back to clean their skillets and they use the brillo pad that was mixed with all the chemicals, they clean the pans, place them in storage... next day comes. kitchen starts their shift, trainee doesnt notice the rust on the pans, he uses them to cook, the food gets rust on them, they get served, customers eat them, they end up poisoned by injesting large amount of rust/iron

2. Thoughts

2.1. 2020 & 2021

2.1.1. CDC gets involved? FDA? DHS? FBI?

3. Forensic

3.1. Research about chemical... what it does, what it can do, how to treat it, how to get it, how people get it, how dangerous it is, how much is needed to kill, how much is required in a day (iron) for eating, previous kills with said chemical (every small bit of information), etc

3.2. Norris checking livers and stomachs

4. Poison

4.1. Iron (Fe)

5. Characters

5.1. Charles Norris

5.2. Alexander Gettler

5.3. Other Names

5.3.1. Issac

5.3.2. Stacy

5.3.3. Last Name: Swagger

6. Location

6.1. JFK International Airport (New York)

6.2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

6.3. Denver International Airport

6.4. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)