Campaign Sales

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Campaign Sales by Mind Map: Campaign Sales

1. States

1.1. Ohio

1.2. California

1.3. Florida

1.4. Colorado

1.5. Oregon

1.6. Nevada

1.7. Arkansas

1.8. Massachusetts

1.9. Missouri

1.10. Mississippi

1.11. Nebraska

1.12. Montana

1.13. Oklahoma

1.14. Arizona

1.15. N. Dakota

1.16. S. Dakota

1.17. Michigan

2. Marketing

2.1. Lead Lists

2.1.1. Federal Congressional Reps

2.1.2. Federal Congressional Staffers

2.1.3. State Congressional Reps

2.1.4. State Congressional Staffers

2.1.5. Political consultants

2.1.6. PAC'S

2.1.7. Equity firms

2.1.8. Business leaders

2.2. E-newsletter

2.3. Sample proposals

2.4. Ideals

2.4.1. Be pro-active

2.4.2. "Max out" the process

2.4.3. make a statement by having on ballot, win or lose

3. Focus

3.1. State ballot initiatives

3.2. City recall efforts

3.3. Ideologically motivated interests

3.4. Whoever has a potential financial benefit

4. Issues

4.1. City Issues

4.1.1. Mayoral recals

4.1.2. red-light cameras

4.2. State Issues

4.2.1. Gaming

4.2.2. Stem cell research

4.2.3. Gun rights

4.2.4. Tort reform

4.2.5. Medical liability

4.2.6. Medical Marijuana

4.2.7. Property rights

4.2.8. School funding

4.2.9. Gay marriage

4.2.10. Water rights

4.2.11. Capital Punishment

4.2.12. Carbon Emissions

4.2.13. Energy Regulation

4.2.14. Internet taxatioon

4.2.15. Smoking bans

5. Company Objectives

5.1. Short Term

5.2. Medium Term

5.3. Long Term

6. Company Needs

7. Campaign Types

7.1. Petitioning

7.1.1. Referendum (refer a change in law to the people) Depending upon the form of government and legislative action, you may have the right to refer a bill or legislative action to the people for a vote, to stop bad law from taking effect.

7.1.2. Initiative (initiate change in the law) If you want to change the law with the vote of the people, you may want to consider the Initiative Petition process. We have been very successful utilizing this action to improve our client's ability to succeed.

7.1.3. Advisory (give governing bodies a piece of your mind) This form of petition can be useful in making a point to elected officials and governing bodies and compelling them to move forward on an action/legislation. Advisory Petitions let elected officials know that your community, organization or effort wants to be heard (before they take action).

7.2. Polling

7.2.1. Benchmark While our clients are passionate about their issues, often the public does not share this passion. This broad reaching survey allows the client to test a variety of issues, message point and arguments. The survey is called the "Benchmark" because it is conducted at the beginning of the effort to give the team a "benchmark" from which to measure the future communication efforts. Conducted in the midst of the effort, this survey option affords the team a quick look at the public's perception to various message points, issues, and arguments. It is generally shorter in length that the benchmark poll, but can be as long as necessary to gain vital information.

7.2.2. Brushfire

7.2.3. Focus Groups If you want to see what people think about you, your project or issue, consider a Focus Group. The Focus Group allows you to survey a group of people at a specific location, and depending upon the location, view the group through a 2-way mirror or via a monitor system. This is a great way to drill down on data to get a real gut level look at why people feel the way they do.

7.3. Phone Programs

7.3.1. Identification Calls During this level of the program, phone calls are placed to a community or your group's members to Identify those who support, oppose and are neutral with regards to your issue or meaure. This important first step allow us to determine those we can motivate to support you or your project/issue.

7.3.2. Motivational Calls Those who are neurtral of somewhat unsure or have demonstrated moderate opposition to you or your project/issue during the ID Calls (above) are re-contacted during this level of the phone program. Our phone center will test new message points in an effort to provide the motivation for the person being called to move your direction.

7.3.3. Activation or GOTV Calls Those who indicated support for you or your project/issue during the calls above, will receive phone calls to activate them for meetings, hearings, events, or elections. This phase of the program can be utilized in 2 or more rounds to heighten its effectiveness.

7.4. Direct Mail

7.4.1. Constituent Outreach In local, regional and statewide efforts, we can gain reach those people who are important to your overall effort. Whether association members, voters, or targeted voters, we can help you maximize time and resources by producing effective constituent mailers.

7.4.2. Business Reply Mail We can produce constituent mailings with tear away business reply mailers which will allow you to communicate your message with the public, then allow them to connect with you. This form of mailings can be very helpful in lobbying as those who reply can be entered into a database for future communications, calls to action, etc.

7.4.3. Data Mining We believe in collecting and maintaining valuable information for our clients so they know with whom to communicate, and who they need to mobilize. We specialize in identifying, collecting and managing vast amounts of information that is available in today's world of digital communications.