july 2022's optimistic plans

plastic waste management july 2022

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july 2022's optimistic plans by Mind Map: july 2022's optimistic plans

1. govt. plans to ban particular types of plastics(commencing from july 2022).

2. such as balloons,plates,cup,knives,straw,cups,spoons,cigarette packets.

3. plastic packaging waste is not included in this ban . atleast not yet.

4. ministry pleads to rajya sabha to lift the ban on specific plastics.i call it a SUSTAINABILITY

5. 2016 amendment ban import & manufcture, stocking,<50 microns====2016

6. the ministry has evern praised swachh bharat mission for for involving in clearance .

7. ministry requested to imlpement a special task force to eliminate single use products.by 2016 amendment.

8. ban of <100 microns==2022

9. 2022 amendment upgraded 2016s by ban of 1 use plastics <100 microns.