Social Intelligence

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Social Intelligence by Mind Map: Social Intelligence

1. My best intelligence point is Social Intelligence as I can sense how other people feel, know intuitively what to say in social situations, and seem self-assured, even in a larger crowd

2. The main characteristics of people who has social intelligence: - Effective Listening: A person who possesses social intelligence does not listen merely to respond but truly pays attention to what a person is saying. The other folks in the conversation walk away feeling like they were understood and that they made a connection. - Conversational Skills: They have conversational skills that enable them to carry on a discussion with practically anybody. They are tactful, appropriate, humorous and sincere in these conversations, and they remember details about people that allow the dialogue to be more meaningful. - Reputation Management: Socially intelligent people consider the impression that they make on other people. Considered one of the most complex elements of social intelligence, managing a reputation requires careful balance—a person must thoughtfully create an impression on another person while still being authentic.

3. The instructional strategies that best fit this intelligence: - Pay close attention to what (and who) is around you. Socially intelligent people are observant and pay attention to subtle social cues from those around them. If you think that someone in your life has strong people skills, watch how they interact with others. - Work on increasing your emotional intelligence. Although similar to social intelligence, emotional intelligence is more about how you control your own emotions and how you empathize with others. It requires recognizing when you are experiencing an emotion—, which will help, you recognize that emotion in others—and regulating them appropriately. - Respect cultural differences. More than that, seek out cultural differences so you can understand them. Although most people learn people skills from their family, friends and the community surrounding them, a socially intelligent person understands that others might have different responses and customs based on their upbringing. - Practice active listening. Develop your social intelligence by working on your communication skills—which requires active listening. Don’t interrupt. Take time to think about what someone else is saying before you respond. Listen to the inflections in what others say, which can give you clues to what they really mean.