Referral and Assessment

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Referral and Assessment by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment

1. Step 3: Individualized Education Program

1.1. Device Trial

1.1.1. Determining what device is needed for the Student

1.2. IEP is formed

2. Step 4: Implementation of the AT Device

2.1. Chosen Device

2.1.1. On going Assessment must be continued

2.1.2. A form is used to follow up on the student performance

3. Step 1: Referral for Assistive technology Assessment

3.1. A Team must consider the following before making a decision

3.1.1. Students Personal Information

3.1.2. Medical information for Vital Concerns

3.1.3. Vision and Hearing Reports

3.1.4. Information about any technology or Equipment being used.

3.1.5. Any previous services given to a student

3.1.6. Parental concerns

3.2. Referrals forms vary based on school district

4. Step 2: Conducting an Assistive technology Assessment

4.1. A Test given based on the information provided in the referral

4.2. Has to be administered by an AT specialist

4.2.1. Team members also play vital role in Assisting the AT specialist

4.2.2. The AT Specialist will gather more info when not present at the Original referral meeting. By looking at records Through Direct formal and informal observation Forms of Direct formal observation include Forms of Direct Informal observation

4.3. Once all is put together a formal decision can be made.