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Solution by Mind Map: Solution

1. Deal with distributors

1.1. Supermarket

1.1.1. Understand that: Supermarket MUST have a stable and sufficient resource of qualified vegetables=> a small number of farmers can not suffice this demand especially if the customers are becoming more and more in favor of OUR products with better reputation

1.1.2. ACT: if the supermarket take the veget from the farmers directly, we will stop providing vegets for them

1.2. Grocery stores, other medium, small distributors

1.2.1. Make those grocery stores our OFFICIAL distributors with CONTRACTS and BENEFITS

2. Build a COMMUNITY among our core farmers

2.1. Regularly activities

2.2. NAME

2.2.1. Familiar

2.2.2. Easy to remember


2.3.1. Updated with latest technologies

2.3.2. Receive support and help from our technicians

2.3.3. Other benefits: borrowing money with low interests

2.4. BRAND

2.4.1. Promoting and making farmers feel that they want to and can't resist being a part of this community

2.4.2. Record members' feeling about this COMMUNITY

2.4.3. New node


3.1. 1. Urgent: Ngưng toàn bộ package benefit bao gồm: hạt giống, máy móc, hỗ trợ kị thuật.... At the SAME time, deal with distributors

3.2. 3. Applying Quality control system

3.3. 4. Get certification

3.4. 5. Build community

4. Get certified and label our products

4.1. Certified by standardization organizations for "non-chemical" vegetables

4.2. Better packing=> better reservation=> maintain freshness

4.3. Labeling out product => name/image=> better move in the future when customers get more and more inclined to our product

4.4. Kết hợp thêm những chiến lược promotion=> người tiêu dùng biết đến sp nhìu hơn

4.5. Effects: Better image, better branding=> better price+ Gain consumer trust

4.6. => Key Effect: to make our product "officially" stand out from other products and those of the farmers=> The farmers can not directly reach highly demanding distributors like supermarkets or big grocery store without the certification as proof for healthy "non-chemical" vegetable

5. Quy trình kiểm soát trong quá trình làm ra thành phẩm

6. A negotiation team : Fixed price=> deliver in contracts and "POINT OUT" long-term benefits=> Other benefits and regulations

6.1. Calculate the difference in prices between our company and other places

6.2. Show them general gain and loss in both ON and OFF season (when market price> fixed price and when market price< fixed price) => Calculate the overall income per year

6.3. If they want to get that fixed price=> they have to be committed in a period of time. If not, next time: 1. They can't have that fixed price=> RISK 2. They can't have quality seeds (we're leader in this field. they can hardly find such good seeds anywhere else => less qualified products=> lower price => LOST 3. They can't access to our constantly updated technology while our other farmers keep developing and making better products => lag behind=> lose in competition=> LOST