BIOLOGY “The study of Life”

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BIOLOGY “The study of Life” by Mind Map: BIOLOGY  “The study of Life”

1. Branches

1.1. Traditional Branches

1.1.1. -Taxonomy -Cytology -Embryology -Anatomy -Physiology -Biochemistry -Genetics -Evolution -Ecology

1.2. Modern Branches

1.2.1. -Bioinformatics -Genomics -Molecular biology -Pharmacogenomics -Proteomics -Synthetic biology -Systems biology

2. Importance

2.1. To stop extinction

3. Life and Its Beginnings

3.1. Early Beliefs

3.1.1. -Spontaneous Generation /Abiogenesis -Biogenesis

3.2. Current Beliefs

3.2.1. -Divine creation -Spontaneous origin -Panspermia

3.3. Unifying Themes About Life

3.3.1. Gathering and Using Energy

3.3.2. Maintaining Internal Balance

3.3.3. Responding, Adapting and Evolving

3.3.4. Reproducing and Continuing Life

3.3.5. Living and Interacting

4. Science

4.1. Scientific Method

4.1.1. -Observation -Hypothesis -Experiment -Conclusion

4.2. Classic Experiments

4.2.1. Francesco Redi’s Experiment

4.2.2. John Needham and Lazzaro Spallanzani conducted the same experiment but with different conclusion

4.2.3. Louis Pasteurs’ Experiment