Variables contributing to genocide

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Genocide by Mind Map: Genocide

1. Prejudice

1.1. Categorisation

1.1.1. Tutsis versus Hutus (cannot all just be Rwandans)

1.2. in group bias

1.3. Just-world phenomenon

1.4. Stereotypes

1.4.1. Jews are greedy, ugly, dirty, hoarders, disloyal

1.5. Loss of individual identity

1.5.1. Jews were forced to distinguish themselves from Arayans by wearing a Star of David patch

1.6. Group polarization

2. Group influence

2.1. Conformity

2.1.1. Many Germans went along with the violent Nazi regime regardless of their individual opinions or beliefs

2.2. Groupthink

2.2.1. self censorship fear of going against the group

2.3. Deindividuation

2.3.1. The Hutu extremists experienced a loss of self awareness and accountability as part of the mob

2.4. Us and them

2.4.1. Jews versus Arayans, not 'German citizens', Hutus and Tutsis as distinct opposing groups

2.5. Obedience

3. Aggression

3.1. Dehumanisation

3.1.1. Jews perceived as dirty, rodent-like, insects

3.2. Hatred of a particular race

3.2.1. "Jews are a race that must be totally exterminated" Hans Frank (1944)

3.3. Fundamental Attribution error