My notes - OZSC 20210823 Podcast Presenter - Mr. Ezra Green

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My notes - OZSC 20210823 Podcast Presenter - Mr. Ezra Green by Mind Map: My notes - OZSC 20210823 Podcast Presenter - Mr. Ezra Green

1. General EV & Battery storage system

1.1. Expecting fossil fuel to EV transition to be a evolution process, not overnight jump.

1.2. The revolution has happened, billions of $ has committed, the trend is not reversible...

1.3. Design to be up to manufacturer preference

1.4. Envision home energy storage to be a norm in the near future

1.5. Battery Technology ?

2. US Electricity Generation/Distribution Present Situation

2.1. US Grid Electric grid near overload capacity. It is outdated and simply can't support Biden's infrastructure plan (support EV charging)

2.2. Large US cities electric capacity already maxed out

2.3. Existing utility grid can't support present EV grow rate in couple years, especially in centralized cities like LA, NYC, SF...

2.4. more EV charging >> shift more energy from home, especially Level 3 charging requirement, impossible for network to bear this increase requirements.

2.5. Utilities agencies are not up to the task to upgrade the grid infrastructure to support EV growth requirements.

2.6. Fossil to Electric transition is happening now

3. Assessment of OZSC's present position in the market

3.1. So pleased with current rollout successes. In short 7 months time frame since Mr. Green arrival, ozcs has broken and made inroad into several multi-billions industries.

3.2. Ozsc management team are composed of 800 bls gorillas with superior working relation and connection to these multi-billions industries.

3.3. Huge opportunities for ozsc to make profits.

3.4. Brian is a phenomenal leader. He is a visionary, he can understand the issues and pulled team together collectively

3.5. Ozsc has entered a market with a lot further miles togo, it is huge potential...

3.6. Sale numbers look very promising

3.7. Pleased with long-term (25 years) contract with utility, AAA client on battery storage deals

3.8. Momentum is on ozsc side.. Ozsc has secured enormous amount of properties, has key people, key partners, key financer to make thing happen.

4. OZSC's Solution


4.1.1. about... It is a method to Distribute and Transport energy based on an unconventional way (not relying on existing cable, reduce permitting issues, not limited by installation area restriction, etc..) Neogrid secret - Took a 100 yo model and modernized it such that it is capable to support present and future loads requirements. It is scalable, flexible, and portable. It is a modular way to deliver energy.

4.1.2. Energy can be delivered via truck, car in a modulary form.

4.1.3. Microgrid - Neogrid can be a mix and match per local requirement and energy source availability

4.1.4. Enable system to sustain electricity in a week or two

4.1.5. Patent application Software design Mechanical switching design

4.2. Energy Storage

4.2.1. OZSC NOT target on big projects, only mid range size up to several MW

4.2.2. Envision OZSC Battery Storage banks deploy throughout whole network levels (generation/distribution), especially near critical load and end points

4.2.3. The size of the market is huge, no attempt to calculate it bcs it is incalculable. Residential Presently not targeting residential home market, future TBD Commercial Truck Automobile last-miles delivery vehicle Heavy concentrated system (NYC, LA, SF, DC, etc..)

4.2.4. Deal with Utility Co. Low cost to charge battery at night Discharge to Utility grid at high demand period at higher rate. Energy storage is considered as a component of distributed load balancing system.

4.2.5. Not competing with big players on large MW project.

4.3. PCTI Products

4.3.1. Is an importance piece of puzzle to support ozsc growth (from Interviewer)

4.3.2. PCTI technology is the most important piece to support ozsc's infrastructure rollout. (from interviewer)

4.3.3. A lot things going on but can't discuss at the present. stay tuned... (from Mr. Green)

5. White Paper

5.1. Charging Formula: Using distributive network to calculate EV charging cost. Mr. Green is almost the inventor of the formula.

5.2. Track and incorporating renewable energy resources (PV, wind, etc...) data (available to public ) into the formula

5.3. Formula will enable capital investors to see ROI therefore support and accelerate ozsc's growth.

5.4. more details on to be released WP