Factors that Motivate Me

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Factors that Motivate Me by Mind Map: Factors that Motivate Me

1. The worst times for me to work out

1.1. I do not like working in the morning because I am usually tired and hungry then. I also dont like excising after a meal because I get really nauseous.

1.2. I dont like to work out during the day (9am-3pm) or (7-10pm) because these are the times I am usually busy with studying or spending time with my family since the majority of them are busy so I always take advantage of that time.

1.3. I also dont like working in quiet environments or alone because I can get side tracked easily

2. The best times for me to work out

2.1. In the evening at 4-5 pm, because it is when I finish eating lunch and that is when I am motivated since it will be the time that it will be the least sunny while still being bright. Furthermore, it feels very nice to take a cold shower then and eat dinner after.

2.2. I prefer working out alone, with music in. It helps me to focus on what excirsises I am doing and my movements. As I previously mention, I also like to work chill (temp). Not too cold or too hot.

3. External Factors

3.1. I am usually motivated because of my physical appearance, and it is generally one of my reasons that I started to become more active.

3.2. I am also motivated when there are other people around because working with other keeps us in check and make sure that we are on track

3.3. I am motivated by music. When I feel down, I play upbeat music to help me counter the feeling.

3.4. I also like to attend into Badminton as it is one of the sports that I consistently play. Badminton was one of the first sports I played as a child and I enjoy the sport because of the competitive aspect of it.

3.5. I also look up to successful people and parents as in my eyes, they are thriving and always have advice to help others succeed as well

4. Internal Factors

4.1. Grades at school help me keep in track of my progress overtime. If I see myself improving I motivate myself to continue and the cycle keeps going on.

4.2. I also feel motivated towards things that help me. For example, excises help keeping me fit and healthy, therefore, I try to continue this activity

4.3. Goals and the people that motivate me in multiple areas/encouraging me to do something/accomplish something.

5. What I need to improve on

5.1. I need to improve on my reflexes and reaction time since it is really slow for an avereage person (350ms)

5.2. I need to work on communication skills in sport games as the majority of them are team based and needs multiple people working together to win

5.3. I also need to work on my time management to help me figure out a balanced schedule to help me be on top on everything