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Adverbs by Mind Map: Adverbs

1. Of manner • They indicate how an action occurs or develops.

1.1. Easily

1.2. Loudly

1.3. Happily

2. Of place •The prepositions of place are those that express the exact position of an element (person, object, animal, etc.).

2.1. Away

2.2. Here

2.3. Homeward

3. Of time •Prepositions of time or prepositions of time are expressions that give us information about the time when something happens.

3.1. Today

3.2. Now

3.3. Tomorrow

4. Of frequensy •They are the words that tell us how often an action is performed.

4.1. Sometimes

4.2. Every day

4.3. Often

5. Of degree •They indicate precisely the intensity of something, in general of the adjective, adverb or verb that they accompany. For instance very, fairly, rather, pretty.

5.1. Almost

5.2. A little

5.3. Lost

6. Interrogative •They are used to ask questions. They are invariable in gender and number.

6.1. Whet

6.2. Why

6.3. How

7. Relative •We use relative pronouns to refer to a noun (a person or a thing) mentioned before and to which we want to add more information or modify.

7.1. Where

7.2. When

7.3. Why