Asking and giving opinion/thoughts

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Asking and giving opinion/thoughts by Mind Map: Asking and giving opinion/thoughts

1. Expressions of Asking Opinions Formal and informal: -would you give me your opinion on....? -what are you views on....? -Do you have any idea....? -What do you think about...? -What is opinion about...? -How about....? -Do you think....?

2. -An opinion ia the way you feel or think about something -Our opinion about something is based on our perspective -Opinion must be supported by reasons

3. Asking opinion, example: "What do you think about the assignment?" Giving opinion, example: "I think it's not difficult as i thought before"

4. Expressions of Giving Opinions: -In my opinion -I think -I think that -I think i like it -It don't think -It looks -It seems -It sounds