Basketball Court

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Basketball Court by Mind Map: Basketball Court

1. Helps me relax

1.1. Helps me not think of bad things

1.2. Keeps it off my head

1.3. The touch of the ball just makes me want to shoot it and atmosphere around the area of basketball players playing around inspires me even more

2. Practicing my favorite sport

2.1. Need for tryouts

2.2. Prepare for game

3. People shouting out names

3.1. To hear them calling out plays

4. People's Jerseys

4.1. To see how people have the passion for basketball

5. Atmosphere

5.1. The atmosphere gets you pumped

5.2. People encourage you to play

5.3. Fun

6. Touch of Basketball

6.1. Grip makes me want to shoot it

6.2. Every time I make a shot, I feel happy

7. Friends

7.1. More fun with friends around

8. Practicing by myself

8.1. Self Conscious about area

8.2. Helps me think I'm in a real game