What I learned in English

Continuous Personalization example

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What I learned in English by Mind Map: What I learned in English

1. Reading Strategy

1.1. Inferring

1.1.1. Definition: conclusion based on evidence and reason

1.1.2. How to infer; find clues and evidence in the text


2.1. Elements of poems

2.1.1. Line. stanza,title, rhyme

2.2. Types of poems

2.2.1. Haiku, free verse, cinquain

2.3. Figurative language

2.3.1. Simile: figure of speech comparing two things using like or as Example: his claws are like knives

2.4. Adjectives

2.4.1. blue, big, sharp, long

2.5. Syllable

2.5.1. how we divide words