Effect of Music

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Effect of Music by Mind Map: Effect of Music

1. Music improves health

1.1. Slow music makes slow breathing!

1.2. Helps when you are stressed

1.3. music boosts immunity

2. Effects on Animals

2.1. Can cause cows to give more milk

2.2. Rock music can cause a raw egg to be boiled

2.3. Music affects dogs

2.3.1. Classical music calms them

2.3.2. Rock music agitates them

2.3.3. They don't like rap

2.3.4. Jazz makes them hyperactive

2.3.5. Like slow classical best

3. Effects on Plants

3.1. Rock music kills plants

3.2. Plants do best with classical and jazz music

3.3. Jazz makes the plants healthy and it bends toward the radio

4. Effects on people

4.1. Improves IQ

4.2. Improves memorization recall

4.3. Improves early development

4.3.1. Music expands reading comprehension

4.3.2. Music enhances early writing skills

4.3.3. Learning music aids in verbal memory

4.3.4. Music helps people focus

4.3.5. Music helps in manipulating speech sounds

4.3.6. Music helps in writing!!!

4.3.7. Music helps in spelling words

4.4. Heavy metal and techno are ineffective or even dangerous. This music encourages rage, disappointment, and aggressive behavior while causing both heart rate and blood pressure to increase.

4.5. Music triggers different emotions, behavior, and actions

4.6. Effects babies

4.6.1. Classical music soothes them

4.6.2. Helps them learn to think about what's coming next

4.7. Improves learning i.e. Albert Einstein and Thomas Jefferson

4.7.1. Slow music is better for learning

4.8. Effects people through the atmosphere of that genre

4.9. Helps you endure while you excersise

5. Effects on Society

5.1. Differant genres affect society differantly

5.1.1. Rock makes people agitated

5.1.2. Pop music makes people happy

5.2. upbeat music makes work more productive

5.3. Music effects our behavior, mood, and actions

6. About Music

6.1. Genres

6.1.1. Classical

6.1.2. Popular

6.1.3. Sacred

6.2. Musicians

6.2.1. Antonio Vivaldi

6.2.2. J.S. Bach

6.3. Instruments

6.3.1. Strings

6.3.2. Brass

6.3.3. Percussion