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PressPass by Mind Map: PressPass

1. Model

1.1. Visitor

1.1.1. fields ip_address geo_code

1.1.2. Visit fields url date_time user_agent (fk)Visitor Id

1.2. User

1.2.1. fields User Id username firstname lastname email password isstaff isactive issuperuser lastlogin datejoined

1.2.2. UserProfile fields (fk) User Id icon permissions incognito WatchedColumns fields

1.3. Article

1.3.1. Diffs fields (fk) User Id (fk) Article Id (fk) Parent Id merges : (fk) Diff Id changes

1.3.2. fields owner : (fk) User Id authors: (fk) User Ids related : (fk) Article Id

1.4. Column

1.4.1. UserColumnPermissions fields (fk) User Id (fk) Column Id permissions can_contribute needs_approval can_edit is_owner can_decorate

1.4.2. fields headline tagline favicon url

1.4.3. Template fields name (fk) Widget Ids WidgetSettings fields Widgets

1.5. Notifications

1.5.1. fields from: (fk) User Id to: (fk) User Id subject message type EMAIL MESSAGE FEED

2. View

2.1. Template

2.1.1. Widgets

3. Evil Laboratory w/ Dr. Honeydew

3.1. Edit Tracking with Diff

4. Controller

4.1. Column

4.2. Visitor

4.3. User

4.4. Article

4.5. Widget