Developing Oracy in the Performing Arts

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Developing Oracy in the Performing Arts by Mind Map: Developing Oracy in the Performing Arts

1. Modelling talk

1.1. Repetition of key words

1.2. Using vocab in context

1.3. connecting technical language and emotional effects

2. Creative Talk

2.1. Beginning with stimulus to generate thoughts and language

2.2. Open questionning

2.2.1. Open questionning

3. Scaffolding Talk

3.1. Opening sentences to draw in terminology

3.2. developing sophistication of form and language together

3.3. Key words in room and in books

3.4. encouraging students to be independent in finding solutions

4. Developing Vocabulary

4.1. peer evaluation/assessment using subject specific vocab

5. develop an ecosystem for performing arts in Malaysia.

5.1. More opportunities to develop sustained talk

5.2. Students leading learning in role as teacher

5.3. Use blog as a way to gather evidence of student talk

5.4. Record evidence of students talking successfully and use for modelling purposes

5.5. Create presentations containing slideshow of key words and audio snippets of exemplar talk

5.6. Create word clouds of exemplar exam answers and text extracts to demo frequency of key terms

5.7. Use Xtranormal to demo dialogue creation

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