Physical Features of India

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Physical Features of India by Mind Map: Physical Features of India

1. The Peninsular Plateau

1.1. Central Highlands Malwa Plateau Bundelkhand Plateau Baghelkhand Plateau Chhotanagpur Plateau

1.2. Deccan Plateau Western Ghats Eastern Ghats

2. The Himalayan Mountains

2.1. Longitudinal division Himadri, Inner Himalayas or Greater Himalayas Himachal or Lesser Himalayas Shiwaliks

2.2. Regional divisions Punjab Himalayas Kumaon Himalayas Nepal Himalayas Assam Himalayas Purvanchal

3. The Northern Plain

3.1. Three divisions Punjab Plain Ganga Plain Brahmaputra Plain

3.2. Formed by Indus and its tributaries Ganga and its tributaries Brahmaputra and its tributaries

4. The Indian Desert

4.1. Lies towards the western margins of the Aravali Hills. Undulating sandy plain covered with sand dunes. Arid climate with low vegetation.

5. The Costal Plains

5.1. Western Coast Konkan Coast Kannad Plain Malabar Coast

5.2. Eastern Coast Northern Circar Coromandel Coast

6. The Islands

6.1. Lakshadweep Islands Lies close to the Malabar coast of Kerala. Small coral islands. Kavaratti island is the administrative

6.2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands Big in size, numerous and scattered. An elevated portion of submarine