The Heart

Class 10 Science Heart Mind Map by ( Pranav R. Gawali )

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The Heart by Mind Map: The Heart

1. When the oxygen reach blood enters aorta , Through Aorta the Oxygen reach Blood is supplied to all body parts .

2. The Heart is a muscular organ which is as big as our fist.It Pumps BLOOD to all parts of body .

3. Both Oxygen and Carbon dioxide have to be transported through Blood .

4. The Heart has different Chambers to prevent the Oxygen-rich blood from mixing with the blood containing carbon dioxide.

5. Heart Diagram

6. Superior Vena Cava

6.1. From Superior Vena Cava the deoxygenated blood comes from Upper Body .

7. Inferior Vena Cava

7.1. From Inferior Vena Cava the Carbon dioxide rich blood comes from Lower Body.

8. Right Atrium

8.1. The Carbon dioxide rich blood reaches Right atrium from Superior Vena Cava and Inferior Vena Cava .

9. Right Ventricle

9.1. When the Right Atrium Fills with blood the Tricuspid Valve opens and the Blood Enters Right Ventricle .

10. Pulmonary Artery

10.1. When the Right Ventricle gets fill with the carbon dioxide rich blood the ventricle Contracts and Pulmonary Valve Opens and the blood passes through Pulmonary Artery and goes in the Lungs .

10.2. When the Carbon Dioxide Rich blood reaches Lungs it gets oxygenated .

11. Septum is a Dividing Wall between Right ventricle and Left Ventricle . ( Which ensures that the carbon dioxide rich blood dosen't get mixed with oxygen rich Blood .)

12. Pulmonary Veins

12.1. The Oxygen rich blood comes to heart through Pulmonary veins .

13. Left Atrium

13.1. Through Pulmonary Veins The oxygen rich blood reaches Left Atrium .

14. Left Ventricle

14.1. when the Left atrium is filled with oxygenated blood the Mitral Valve opens and the blood reaches Left Ventricle .

15. Aorta

15.1. When the Left Ventricle is filled with oxygenated Blood the ventricle Contracts and the Aortic Valve opens and the oxygen rich blood enters Aorta.

16. By Pranav R. Gawali.