Deep Tech Chapter 1

Main ideas of Chapter 1 of "Deep Tech"

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Deep Tech Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Deep Tech Chapter 1

1. Defined in the text as emerging technology (past research & development, before prime time) (NF)

1.1. Seems to be highly time-based. Companies that are too early or too late may have low rate of success. (NF)

1.2. Technology that seemed impossible before may become a huge part of our lives in the future. (NF)

2. good connection to ignoring opportunities-- the twins definitely did not ignore opportunities-RG

3. What is "Deep Tech?" (NF)

3.1. Can be undervalued in its early days (NF)

3.1.1. It's both "potentially disruptive" and can advance the usual high tech solutions, making it either crucial for the success or failure of a company. (NF)

3.1.2. This technology is a huge disruptive force in the business world, targeting many addressable markets (or industries) with billions, if not trillions, of dollars at stake. (md)

4. Why "Deep Tech" Matters (NF)

4.1. Technology is everywhere in our modern world. (NF)

4.2. Companies that don't respond to the advancement of technology are left behind. (NF)

4.2.1. Companies that aren't tech companies, such as Amazon, can rely heavily on technology and use it to become successful. (NF)

4.3. This is very prevalent in companies like Sears, who got overrun by more technologically advanced companies like Amazon (md)

5. Ignoring Opportunities (MD)

5.1. The biggest danger in being ignorant of the current docket of deep tech's coming of age of is apathy, which in other words is a recipe for irrelevance. (md)

5.2. I believe that deep tech is the most valuable avenue to investigate if you are a company that is looking to expand business lines or revenue streams (md)

5.2.1. "The question is not how fast tech companies will become car companies, but how fast we will become a tech company" - board member of a car company. This quote shows the importance of being ahead in the technological evolutional (md)

5.3. According to the author, current capital funding sources for tech project to $50 trillion, which is a figure that proves the immense opportunities in the space (md)

6. Economic Impact of deep tech-RG

6.1. includes many affects; primary, secondary, tertiary--ex in book is Honeywell selling thermostats primarily helps them, secondarily helps the consumer, and third helps global carbon emissions-RG

6.2. Some predictions says AI will deliver $150T in new GWP (global world product) by 2030-RG

6.2.1. the book notes predictions about technology are extremely uncertain-RG

6.2.2. I disagree in a way, I think many of the authors predictions are based on data from major consulting firms research. (md)

7. GPT's- RG

7.1. General Purpose Technology-RG

7.2. Tech advancements that aren't just improvements to existing technology-RG

7.2.1. printing press, computers, etc-RG

7.3. The book mentions that in the near future GPT's are going to pop up a lot (7 are predicted)-RG

7.3.1. Many of these GPTs that are predicted are already in the process of becoming frequently used technology, such as Internet of Things and AI. (NF)

8. Winklevoss Twins-RG

8.1. Good example of how investigating deep tech can be extremely beneficial-RG

8.1.1. made millions off Bitcoin by evaluating the deep tech of it-RG

8.1.2. I believe that the underlying technology of blockchain has the potential to make millions, if not trillions in the near future for some industries (md)

8.2. The book exemplifies in this section that if you are trying to better a business or company, you have to evaluate deep tech to raise capital and find new streams of income-RG

9. what to expect (KC)

9.1. seven deep technologies that will define the next decade(KC)

9.1.1. Artifical Intelligence(KC) AI(KC) machine learning(KC) unsupervised/reinforcement learning(KC)

9.1.2. Extended reality(KC) VR(KC) augmented reality(KC) mixed reality(KC)

9.1.3. Blockchain(KC) croptocurrencies(KC)

9.1.4. Internet Of Things(KC) smart homes(KC) wearables(KC)

9.1.5. Autonomous Vecicles(KC) self driving cars like tesla(KC) AV style roberts(KC)

9.1.6. 3D Printing(KC)

9.1.7. Quantum Computer(KC) machines that tackle secrets of the universe which is impossible for computer to solve today(KC)