Restructuring Education

Chapter 1 Enhancing the Art

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Restructuring Education by Mind Map: Restructuring Education

1. "You can't just sprinkle 21st century skills on the 20th century doughnut..."

2. incompatibility of traditional schooling

3. subversive; disruptive;

4. Flipped Classroom

4.1. New literacies

5. one-on-one

6. distance learning

6.1. blended learning

7. Value-Positive/Value-Negative/Value-Neutral

7.1. Negative: "We have not realized the promise of technology in education...Computers, instead of transforming education, were often shunted to a 'computer room'..." (pg.18)

7.2. "[M]ost teachers use new forms of technology primarily to accomplish the same tasks they were already accomplishing (such as lesson planning, information presentation, and personal productivity) rather than to restructure their practice to facilitate higher-order thinking skills" (pg. 18)

7.3. textbook: value-positive approach