Authentic Assessments and Monitoring Student Progress

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Authentic Assessments and Monitoring Student Progress by Mind Map: Authentic Assessments and Monitoring Student Progress

1. Traditional -------------------------- Authentic Selecting a Response -------------- Performing a Task Contrived ---------------------------------- Real-life Recall/Recognition-----------Construction/Application Teacher-structured------ Student-structured Indirect Evidence ------------ Direct Evidence

1.1. TA: Study material for an online exam using a program that blocks your web browser

1.2. AA: In a certain period of time, research the following questions and answer in a private google doc shared only with the instructor. Later, everyone can view everyone else's ideas

2. click on the + sign to add your own ideas! Click on the 'no entry' to delete it.

2.1. double click on any item to edit it.

3. Complete the two activities on 'rubrics' and 'samples of online assessment.' Double click on a node to add your own thoughts

4. Samples of Online Authentic Assessment: Watch this video and then add your own assessment suggestion that fits their criterion (add your name):

4.1. Students can create (collaboratively or individually) an online brochure using Glogster or Checkthis that highlights what they've been studying. Peers can comment and provide feedback. -Smadar

4.2. Ask students to review a problem or issue that the subject under discussion raises. Assign "sides" for a debate and ask them to record their debate presentation in a voki or vocaroo which summarizes their position. laurie

5. I would add group discussions as a way to assess if you are doing a lesson on something that is more ethics or narrative based. Also, if you have a skill you need to assess, one on one time with the teacher could be helpful too. -Sharon

6. rubrics

6.1. online discussion forum

6.1.1. check out this great rubric site and create your own for review during Webinar 5!

6.2. Add your own title for a rubric


6.4. I would like to create a rubric for students to create their own debates in Hebrew language class - Smadar

7. Press the + icon (top left) to add a node

8. Use Voki to have students debate a subject as an avatar.

9. I have created a rubric for assessment of students homework,classwork and projects- it has been very useful Shulamith


10.1. I tried to look at this, but was denied access. Please give me permission at [email protected] Thanks. -Sharon