Women and Slaves during the Civil War

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Women and Slaves during the Civil War by Mind Map: Women and Slaves during the Civil War

1. Women

1.1. Some could read and write

1.2. Many feared the repercussions of having an opinion or speaking up for themselves

1.2.1. Once the war started many of them were expected to start thinking on their own

1.3. They were thought of as inferior in strenght and intelligence to men

1.3.1. Many women were forced to take on the role of their husbands who were gone to war. New node

2. Neither women or slaves were seen as equal to white men

3. Slaves

3.1. They were not allowed to read or write

3.1.1. This was illegal

3.1.2. Punishment could be death

3.2. Many of them feared the repercussions for being educated or wanting to be free

3.2.1. Many forced to fight in the war for the freedom they were not allowed to want

3.3. They were seen as property and inferior to white men and women