Sophie's World Chapters 1-4

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Sophie's World Chapters 1-4 by Mind Map: Sophie's World Chapters 1-4

1. CH. 2 The Top Hat

1.1. ...the only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder...


1.2.1. Why couldn't they talk about what a human being is - or about what the would is and how it came into being? (10)

1.3. Summary: The beginnings of Sophie's lessons in philosophy...she is unable to focus in school because she is realizing that they are learning nothing worth while and of importance.

1.4. What is the most important thing in life (12)

1.4.1. Food

1.4.2. warmth

1.4.3. The company of people

2. CH.1 The Garden of Eden

2.1. some point something must have come from nothing...

2.2. Letters

2.2.1. Who are you?

2.2.2. Where does the world come from?

2.2.3. Postcard from "dad" to the mysterious Hilde Moller Knag


2.3.1. What was a human being? (4)

2.3.2. As Sophie started to think about being alive, she began to realize that she would not be alive forever. I am in the world now, she thought, but one day I shall be gone. Was there a life after death? (4)

2.4. Summary: Sophie's world is turned around as she is asked the simple questions of life: who, how, and why?

3. CH. 4 The Natural Philosophers

3.1. ...nothing can come from nothing...

3.2. Summary: Sophie is taught the history of philosophy and realizes that she enjoys the process of thinking that philosophy requires.


3.3.1. We are more interested in how they thought than in exactly what they thought. (31)

3.3.2. These three Milesian philosophers all believed in the existence of a single basic substance as the source of all things. (33)

3.3.3. When forced to choose between relying either on his senses or his reason, he chose reason. (34)

3.3.4. ...our senses give us an incorrect picture of the world, a picture that does not tally with our reason. (34)

3.3.5. But she was only sire of that because that's what she had learned. (39)

4. CH.3 The Myths

4.1. ...a precarious balance between the forces of good and evil...


4.2.1. She understood that people had always felt a need to explain the processes of nature. Perhaps they could not live without such explanations. And that they made up all those myths in the time before there was anything called science. (27)

4.3. Summary: Sophie is introduced to Greek philosophy and the belief in God and how it contradicts with the creation of the universe...nothing can come from nothing.