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People as a resource by Mind Map: People as a resource

1. Economic activities

1.1. The activities which add to the value of the national income of the nation

2. Non economic activities

2.1. Activities which do not add to the value of the national income

3. Employment

3.1. Seasonal unemployment

3.1.1. Rural areas have both seasonal and disguised unemployment. Most of the farmers face this problem.

3.2. Disguised unemployment

3.2.1. Disguised unemployment is a kind of unemployment where people seem to be employed but are not


4.1. People can be a resource but not a liability

4.2. Quality of population

4.2.1. Health Role He/she may have a better immunity to fight illness Increase the overall outcome of an individual Better health will increase working efficiency of an individual

4.2.2. Education Important part of life NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SARVA SHIKSHA ABIYAAN Role An educated person is recognized as a resource and not a liability Also aware about health and hygiene