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Jess by Mind Map: Jess


1.1. Support

1.1.1. Administration

1.1.2. Websites

1.1.3. Facebook

1.1.4. Scheduling

1.1.5. Diary Management

1.1.6. Travel Management

1.2. Website Building and Maintenance

1.2.1. Wordpress sites built for you

1.2.2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Updates

1.2.3. Membership Sites built for you

1.2.4. Web Hosting Solutions

1.2.5. Social Media Integration

1.2.6. Customization of Website

1.2.7. Landing Pages built for you

1.2.8. Sales Pages built for you

1.3. Facebook

1.3.1. Advertising

1.3.2. Promotion

1.3.3. Lead Generation

1.3.4. Creating Communities on Facebook

1.3.5. Integration with Websites

1.4. Photo Shoot Direction

1.4.1. Styling

1.4.2. Posing

1.4.3. Getting the best out of your shoot

1.4.4. Fitness Shoots

1.4.5. Fashion Shoots

1.4.6. Promotional Shoots

1.5. Graphic Design

1.5.1. Logos

1.5.2. Flyers

1.5.3. Promotional Material

1.5.4. Websites

1.5.5. Facebook Pages


2.1. Personal Goals

2.1.1. To live overseas

2.1.2. To do something that scares me every week

2.1.3. To find my passion in life

2.1.4. To travel at least twice a year

2.1.5. To love me

2.1.6. To be able to stand on my own two feet

2.1.7. Find a Mentor to guide me through the next 12 Months (Adam?)

2.2. Business Goals

2.2.1. To be financially free in 12 months

2.2.2. To own or partner in a business that is my own idea

2.2.3. To find my niche

2.2.4. To help and develop Fitpro into a million dollar business

2.2.5. To help and develop T28 into a million dollar business

2.2.6. To outsource myself from T28


3.1. Strong Not Skinny

3.1.1. Strength Training for Girls Who Break the Rules Blog Training Programs Weekly Training Challenge Weekly Video of Training Challenge Nutrition Programs Weekly Video of me Cooking Weekly Recipe Updates Goal Setting Skype Calls Monthly Reviews Membership Site Monthly Competitions Best Transformation Best Strength Gain Best Fat Loss Guests/Interviews/Training Programs/Nutritional Programs Tamika Webber Michelle Lee Olivia Nudu Bridget Bailey Jodie Adison Dani Watson Lindy Olsen Jill Taylor (Activewear Online) Ildiko Brownling Emillie-Jean Bisgrove-Cole Miss Nutrition Girls Vlatka Dragić Jen Grasso Ferruggia Rachel Guy Samantha Gash Jay Jay Mitchell Jamie Eason

3.2. Fitness Clothing Line

3.2.1. NAME? Girls Only Clothing Items Singlets Crop Tops Leggings T-shirts Source Manufacturer? Fabrics Patterns Samples Offshore? Follow the Lead of Lulu, and Lorna Jane? Cotton on Body Online Shop (Infusion soft?) Online Sales Only Costs for Shipping Australia Only FB Shop Costs for Shipping Costs for Set up Made To Order Check Lead Times etc