Johannes Gensfleisch - called Gutenberg

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Johannes Gensfleisch - called Gutenberg by Mind Map: Johannes Gensfleisch -  called Gutenberg

1. Introduced printing to Europe

1.1. Mechanical movable type printing

1.2. Most important event of the modern period

2. Gutenberg´s Press

2.1. Developed from the technology of the screw-type wine presses

2.2. A demonstration of the Press


2.3. Wooden and later metal

2.4. Brought down the price of printed materials

2.4.1. He made them available to the masses

2.5. His work on the printing press began in approximately 1436

2.6. He introduced an oil-based ink, which was more durable

3. His life

3.1. Born in Germany-Mainz around 1398

3.1.1. Year of birth not precisely known

3.2. His early life is a mystery

3.3. He migrated for political reasons to Strassburg

3.4. He is assumed to have studied in the University of Erfurt

3.5. He printed a number of poems, calendars etc.

3.6. He died in 1468 in poverty


4. Gutenberg´s bible

4.1. Between 1450-1455


4.1.2. 42-line, the number of lines per page over 1280 pages

4.1.3. Biblia Pauperum

4.1.4. An edition of about 200 copies

5. Printing history

5.1. The earliest dated printed book known is the "Diamond Sutra",

5.1.1. printed in China in 868 century