Organic Foods

Mapa Mental - Alimentos Organicos

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Organic Foods by Mind Map: Organic Foods

1. Although they have a very high price, there are people who pay the price just because they believe they are better

1.1. Although some people think it's a waste of money

2. Organic farms do not use agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides, which prevent insects from damaging crops.

3. In many countries foods that claim to be organic must have special labels that guarantee they're grown organically.

4. Some people think organic also means "locally grown", and originally this was true.

4.1. But over time organic farming has become big business, with many organic foods now being grown by large agricultural companies that sell their products far from where they're grown

4.2. Processed food made with organic ingredients has also become more popular.

5. Is organic food safer and more nutritious?

5.1. They think agricultural chemicals can cause serious illnesses like cancer, but there isn't much evidence proving this is true.

5.1.1. but there isn't much evidence proving this is true However recent studies have shown that eating organically-grown produce reduces your chances of developing heart disease

5.2. Is tastier food worth the extra money?

5.2.1. Whether organic food is healthier or not is still not clear, so more research is needed