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Womanism by Mind Map: Womanism

1. Responsibilities

1.1. Social Expectations

1.2. Financial Expectations

1.3. Child Birth and Raising Responsibilities

1.4. House responsibilities

2. Financial

2.1. Get less financial support from relatives

2.2. Has to survive her family and children

2.3. To get financial support sometimes has to do unwanted things

3. Dressing

3.1. Restriction on wearing short dresses

3.2. Few family don't allow western dresses

3.3. After marriage they should wear particular dresses

4. Security

4.1. Crime on women like rape

4.2. Sexual harassments at work place or school

4.3. Sexual harassments by family member

4.4. Domestic violence by family or husband

5. Careers

5.1. Few fields do not allow woman

5.2. Stop their career due to other responsibilities

5.3. Get less financial support to make their career

6. Family Conflicts

6.1. In-Low Conflicts

6.2. Siblings Conflicts

6.3. Work Place Conflicts

7. Marriage System

7.1. In many culture, girls should get married in certain age like 20 or 22

7.2. After marriage, many families do not allow to do job or business

8. Education

8.1. Basic study level

8.2. 2/3 of world's illiterate adults are women

8.3. Have to quit their study due to other responsibilities