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General examination by Mind Map: General examination
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General examination

Vital signs

Blood pressure


Heart rate


Breathing and O2

12- 20 per minute

O2 above 95


35.8 - 37.2

Sugar level

Below 125 random

70-100 fasting

Less than 200 random for diabetes

General appearance

Does the patient look well?

Color, Pale, Anemia, Albainism, Blue, Cyanosis, Yellow, Jaundice, Hypercarotinameia, Pigmintation, Iron, Vitiligo

Hand shake, Temperature, Sweaty, Rough, Delay in relaxation of the grip

Face expression, Apathy, Startled, No expression

Appearance, Cloths, Tattoos, MedicAlert bracelet, Odor


Spot diagnosis

Down sundrom


Turner's syndrom

Body Mass Index

Oedema, trama, bleeding.. etc