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Nervous system by Mind Map: Nervous system

1. Central NS

1.1. Composed of:

1.1.1. Spinal cord outside: white matter; inside: gray matter

1.1.2. Brain cerebrum cerebellum meninges outside: gray matter; inside: white matter cerebral cortex 6 poorly defined layers pyramidal neurons (most abundant)

1.2. organization of the CNS

1.2.1. organs cerebrum Cerebellum 3 layers of gray matter note: white matter is in the inside brainstem spinal cord

1.2.2. regions within organs gray matter contains white matter contains

1.2.3. meninges connective tissue covering brain and spinal cord 3 layers dura mater arachnoid Pia mater

1.3. other information

1.3.1. blood brain barrier prevents passage of drugs and toxins (from blood to tissues) capillaries in the brain are less permeable than the rest of the capillaries brain capillaries have tight junctions between endothelial cells astrocyte foot processes surround capillaries and form part of the barrier

2. Peripheral NS

2.1. note: Has motor and sensory components

2.2. includes:

2.2.1. Peripheral nerves

2.2.2. Nerve ganglia groups of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS

2.3. components

2.3.1. nerves axons + glial cells (Schwann cells) + connective tissue nerve fibers groups:

2.3.2. ganglia collection of neuron cell bodies

2.3.3. specialized nerve endings with special tasks

3. two main cells (Nerve tissue)

3.1. Neurons (nerve cells)

3.1.1. Neuron cell body: large pale nucleus, nucleolus and nissl substance cell membrane 1 axon per neuron characteristics: arise from the Axon hillock (pyramid shape) cytoplasmic content of Axon neurofilaments (intermediate filaments) support structure of the neuron Dendrites for signal reception Processing sites of neurons with dendritic spines Other information: Neuron synapses Presynaptic axon terminal (terminal bouton) Synaptic cleft Postsynaptic structure Add on informaiton Neuropil nodes of ranvier

3.2. Glial cells

3.2.1. types Schwann cells location function descriptions Oligodendrocytes location function Ependymal cells location function descriptions Microglia location function descriptions Astrocytes location functions descriptions

3.2.2. characteristics 10x more abundant than neurons in the brain

3.2.3. function: support and protect the neuron