AirBnB Case Study

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Guests by Mind Map: Guests

1. 14. Non-availability of the attendants to assist the customers

2. 13. Issues accidents due to fire

3. 12. Issues with lifts and stairs multi-story facilities

4. 11. Boring and Monotonous stay

5. 10. Help during medical emergencies. Shopping of basic stuff

6. 9. Cultural Issues and dsa dasdasd problems

7. 8. Commute to the work place or other locations

8. 7. Cleanliness, Sanitation and vaccination of the Airbnb staff

9. 6. Availability of garden/lawn , plants and open area for kids and elderly to go around

10. 5. Cleanliness and Sanitation of the Airbnb stay

11. 4. Food, Bed, furniture, basic electric equipment, TV, noise levels

12. 3. Issues in locating the Stay and welcoming of the customers

13. 1.Cost and Budgeting issues for new and frequent travelers

14. 2. Concern for Safety for solo traveler / families from theft

15. Hosts

15.1. 14. Non-availability of the attendants to assist the customers

15.2. 13. Non compliance with the fire safety and building safety norms

15.3. 12. Non repairing of lifts, locks, doors and stairs in multi-storey facilities.

15.4. 11. Difficulty in providing room services and 24-hours catering. Monotonous stay

15.5. 10. Help during medical emergencies and other emergencies.

15.6. 9. Cultural Issues and Language problems

15.7. 8. Taxes paid to the police, govt. electricity, basic utilities bills. Furniture, crockery, interior designing of the facility

15.8. 7. Bad customers, damaging Airbnb property, violating smoking restrictions inside the rooms.

15.9. 6. Lesser plants and open area for kids and elderly to go around

15.10. 5. Ensuring regular cleanliness and Sanitation of the Airbnb stay

15.11. 4. Regular servicing of the bad furniture, basic electric equipment, fans/ ACs, room heaters and plumbing faults. Availability of internet services, telephone, mobile signal levels, TV, noise levels. Availability of toiletries, mirrors and safes.

15.12. 3. Remote locations of the facilities

15.13. 2. Not easy availability of well trained and efficient , polite staff

15.14. 1.Room booking cancellations on the last moment. Ad-hoc booking. Cost and Budgeting issues