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Tracey Talk by Mind Map: Tracey Talk

1. 2 Pillars of learning, you cannot learn without these 2

1.1. Attention

1.2. Memory

2. Mind wandering

2.1. Tracey mentioned multiple times that mind wandering is actually a good thing

2.2. Mind wandering has gone down in our generation, because we always have a device to look at instead of mind wandering

3. Multitasking

3.1. multitasking is not a real thing

3.2. Tracey mentioned you can only focus on 1 heavy cognitive topic at one time; or a few low cognitive topics

4. Heuristics

4.1. "mental shortcuts" you can take to solve a problem or help someone else solve problems

5. Attention bias

5.1. we are wired to have attention bias towards fear. Which is why we listen when we are being threatened vs being "coddled"

6. Our group discussion

6.1. When we had the group discussion part, our group decided to discuss the consequences of no mind wandering

6.2. We all agreed that without mind wandering, there is less creativity, lack of problem solving, more stress, and more dependent on people

7. Selective attention

7.1. Selective attention happens all the time; you focus on certain things even when there might be other things going on (gorilla video)

8. Attention contium

8.1. Tracey mentioned there is a "sliding scale" when it comes to peoples attention

8.2. starts with being bored to high alert/high stress

9. Senses

9.1. our senses are one of the most important aspects of us learning

9.2. we use all kind of senses to learn; all 5

10. "Default mode"

10.1. our minds are in default mode when we are fully mind wandering; not thinking about anything

10.2. this is very beneficial for many reasons