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Appropriating new literacies in English language education by Mind Map: Appropriating new literacies in
English language education
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Appropriating new literacies in English language education

social literacies

Literacy is a social practice, Street, B. (2003). What's "new" in New Literacy Studies: Critical approaches to literacy in theory and practice. Current Issues in Comparative Education, 5(2), 77-91. Barton, D., Hamilton, M., & Ivanic, R. (Eds.). (2000). Situated literacies: Reading and writing in context. London: Routledge.

critical literacy

critical language awareness


multimodality, image, text, movement, space, sound

diversity, cultural, linguistic

new literacies

digital media literacies

affinity spaces

convergence culture

Mindset 1/Mindset 2

literacy in L2 learning and applied linguistics

cognitive, psycholingusitic

reading subskills

graphophonic, syntactic, semantic cues

reading pedagogy


sub-skill training

extensive reading

technology and L2 learning

Computer Mediated Communiciation

popular culture, youth online identities

CALL, educational software

literacy pedagogy

genre based approaches


Four Resources

Freebody and Luke 1990  

A pedagogy of multiliteracies

discourse analysis

language and social reality mutually constitutive

meanings socially and historically situated

critical discourse analysis

Fairclough, N. (1995). Critical discourse analysis: the critical study of language. London: Longman.

texts and language


discourse theory


Laclau and Mouffe

research issues

analysis is interpretation


relativism, "critique as a positioned opening for discussion"


The Hong Kong New Literacies Project

4 primary schools

12 schools in the project, 6 primary, 6 secondary

teacher teams

classes P4-6

lesson observations

literacy lessons

new literacies infused lessons/units

document collection, lesson plans, student work, paper, digital

teacher interviews

understandings of literacy teaching and learning

constructions of new literacies

student interviews

students' literacy practices, out of school, in school