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1. Guideline from Government about Covid 19 controlled and measures

1.1. 1. No 4547/UBND-VX about recovering economy-social activities in new-normal status

1.2. 2. No 4037/UBND-VX about implementing Mode of 3 green ''Green factory, residential places and green employees

1.3. 3. No 2200/UBND-VX about loosing pandemic countermeasure to gradually restore eco-social activities

2. Action plan for response

2.1. 1. Employees have to daily declare health check conditions

2.2. 2. Temperature Scanning

2.3. 3. Covid19 testing before entering factory two times ( first time is done before 3 days of entering/ Second time is implemented at the day of re-working)

2.4. 4. Weekly Covid19 testing following QĐ 2787/QĐ-BYT on 05/06/2021

3. 3 in 1 place

3.1. 1. Green location (LLV)

3.1.1. 1. Option 2/ 3 Green Factory/Renting Room/Employees 1. Allow employees who having renting places in Red Locations for staying facilities due to they could not turn home. To request employee have to serve meal by themselves. 2. Employees could back to work as normal from their home (green location) to warehouse (green factories) 1. Got one vaccine dose at least 14 days/F0 recovery during 06 month/ 2. One registered routine from warehouse to renting room and back (green travel routine) with employee ID card or Routine Confirmations Declaration of employees by approved People Committees authorities. 3. Covid19 Testing annually as the same with QĐ 2787/QĐ-BYT on 05/06/2021 4. Employees from HCMC could not turn back to work due to HCMC issued and extend more two week lockdown.

3.1.2. 2. Option1-3in1 place 1. Continuously keep 3in1 place as the same we are staying in Red Locations at least 1 one week after Government releasing 2. To allow employees come back to warehouse for working and resting inside (supporting for lack of labor resources) review by QHSE to ensure green employee Testing Covid19 at residential local with negative result two times and one testing result from the day coming back to work.

3.2. 2. Red location (LLV)

3.2.1. Nobody can not moving to outside

3.2.2. Other employee can enter into 3in1 place for working and not allowed to turn back their home.

3.2.3. Continuously Covid19 testing and applied all measures to protect employees and business activities.