Student Council

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Student Council by Mind Map: Student Council

1. Likert's Participative Management Program

1.1. Participative Group Systems

1.1.1. Our Adviser actively works with us in planning and decision making.

1.1.2. We student councils are happily cooperative working together with no direct competition.

1.1.3. We are free to discuss certain ideas, issues, and concerns with each other and to our Adviser.

1.1.4. We reward and celebrate success, also learn from our failures and shortcomings.

1.1.5. Our Adviser trusted us completely because she know we are competent and responsible.

1.1.6. We have the initiative when it comes on getting things done.

2. Blake and Mouton's Grid

2.1. Team Management

2.1.1. We don't just finish our tasks completely but also successfully.

2.1.2. We get guidance from our Adviser also some suggestions from our fellow schoolmates in every program or project we plan and create.

2.1.3. We made to sure improve by taking considerations of their feedbacks and constructive criticism to be able to do our roles and tasks better.

2.1.4. We always make sure that every member of our Alma Mater will very much enjoy and be satisfied.

2.1.5. Every member of the Student Council are involved in every decisions that why's every role is important and valued.