Increasing The Kingdom of God

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Increasing The Kingdom of God by Mind Map: Increasing The Kingdom of God

1. It first begins with you

1.1. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

1.1.1. Great! Now tell first family, then friends, then those you come into contact with. Your past is your testimony. Tell people how God helped you personally. Its that simple.

1.1.2. Now enlarge your personal devotion or time you spend talking and listening to God. He directs you each day. Read your Bible Continue to share the things God teaches you with others. Watch how God works in your life. You begin to realize it's God that causes good things to happen in your life. You no longer have to depend only on your efforts! Your faith in God increase. You depend on Him more and more and less on your own efforts. You realize your job is to do what he tells you and leave the outcome of those efforts to Him. He takes care of you!