Construction in Progress-Smartsheet Build

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Construction in Progress-Smartsheet Build by Mind Map: Construction in Progress-Smartsheet Build

1. 1) Project Set Up

1.1. This section is centered around information that is decided during preconstruction and/or the RFP process.

1.1.1. Project Set up Link: Sheet The goal of this sheet is to capture data around the project itself and to create a reference point to the Global Data Warehouse. Key data points around building data validation for other sheets

1.1.2. Contingency Set up Link: Sheet The goal of this sheet is to capture the beginning balance of a projects contingency. Construction managers have the ability to add revisions to the contingency amount as needed Add a new record and tag as revision as needed. This is for revisions made between iGMP and fGMP

1.1.3. Project Milestones Sheet The goal of this sheet is track the key milestones of the project to track whether the project is on track. The construction manager can decide how granular they want to organize their milestones and if they want to report percentage complete

1.1.4. Consultant Selection Sheet The goal of this sheet is to build a list of consultants by discipline. This will allow you to reference when ASAs are created. The construction manager can also track their RFP progress here if they like

2. 2) Log a Change

2.1. This section is where the Construction management will spend most of their time. Any changes that may or may not impact a project's contingency

2.1.1. Cost Exposure Log Sheet The purpose of this grid is focused on holding changes that are not change orders or ASAs. These changes can subsequently be converted to PCOs, ASAs, or excluded from contingency altogether

2.1.2. Change Order Log Sheet The purpose of this grid is to track a PCO as it goes through BIC and is approved or voided A construction manager can group PCOs to an OCO for reporting purposes. In addition they can track the iterations of the PCO between a GC and the owner

2.1.3. ASA Detail Log Sheet The purpose of this grid is to track ASAs or changes to soft costs. This can be used to track contract revision for various consultants. CM can determine if these are changes to contract or whether there is enough float in the contingency to absorb contract changes

3. 3) Manage Project

3.1. Enter Project Task

3.1.1. Sheet

3.1.2. The purpose of the grid is to track general tasks related to the project.

3.1.3. Teams can assign a priority and or assigned to who's on point for executing

3.2. Update Owner Schedule

3.2.1. Sheet

3.2.2. The purpose of this grid is to track preconstruction tasks. This may be out of scope for construction managers

3.3. Permit Matrix

3.3.1. Sheet

3.3.2. The purpose of this grid is track the progress of permits.

3.3.3. Construction Manager can impact the contingency if necessary

4. KPIs

4.1. Contingency Breakdown

4.2. Change Order-Current Month

4.3. Task Snapshot

4.4. Predev Owner Schedule

4.5. Project Milestones

5. Reports

5.1. Contingency Usage Log

5.1.1. Track by detail all offsets to contingency

5.2. Owner Change Order Review

5.2.1. Track in detail all PCOs that are under each approved OCO

5.3. My Tasks

5.3.1. Filters task sheets to the current users view

5.4. In Progress Tasks

5.4.1. Tracks tasks that have started

5.5. Tasks coming up

5.5.1. Track tasks coming up in the next two weeks