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LPDP by Mind Map: LPDP

1. Deskripsi diri

1.1. PNS

1.2. Integritas

2. urgent problems and solution

2.1. urgent problems

2.1.1. limit of outstanding trasnlator/interpreter

2.1.2. translated legal document

2.2. solution

2.2.1. enhance the ability by coursing and pursuing higher education

2.2.2. cooperate with Bureau of Law to translate the legal document about ease of doing business or others

3. importance and how the study solve the problems

3.1. importance

3.1.1. studying about various cultures

3.1.2. develop the language ability

3.2. how to solve

3.2.1. expanding the community knowledge

4. Indonesia in the future

4.1. the first rank of human development index

4.2. known by worldwide

5. my role

5.1. as the best translator/interpreter for government

6. How I realize the dream

6.1. pursuing higher education

6.2. build an extent coordination