Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

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Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Law

1.1. The legal rights and restricitons governing technology use

1.2. INAPPROPRIATE USE:Johnny goes on the web and downloads movies illegally

1.3. APPROPRIATE:Students buy the movies online then download them

1.3.1. New node

2. Digital Rights & Responsiblities

2.1. The privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them

2.2. INAPPROPRIATE: Johnny is supposed to be on moodle and is on google looking up cars

2.3. APPROPRIATE: Johnny goes on moodle and does his assinment

3. Digital Commerce

3.1. The buying and selling of goods online.

3.2. Appropriate use: Buying or selling appropriate things online.

3.3. Inappropriate use: Buying or selling wrong or illegal things online.

4. Digital Communication

4.1. The electronic exchange of information.

4.2. Appropriate use: Using technology for your researching or recreational purposes.

4.3. Inappropriate use: Taking advantage of technology and using it in a way thats not right.

5. Digital Security

5.1. The precaustions that all technology users must take to gaurantee their personal safety and the security of their network

5.2. INAPPROPRIATE:Johnny forgets to update his internet security

5.3. APPROPRIATE:Johnny buys a year subscription for Norton

6. Digital Access

6.1. Full electronic participation in society.

6.2. Appropriate use: Using technology for reseaching and recreational purposes.

6.3. Inappropriate use: Not using technology correctly.

7. Digital Etiquette

7.1. The standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users.

7.2. Appropriate use: Asking someones permission before doing something in a way that could hurt them.

7.3. Inappropriate use: Doing something that could potentially hurt someones feelings or make them angry.

8. Digital Literacy

8.1. The capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it

8.2. INAPPROPRIATE: Johnny is in school and is on the computers looking up bad words

8.3. APPROPRIATE: Johnny goes on the internet and looks up a word he saw in his book because he doesn't know the name of it

9. Digital Health and Wellness

9.1. The elements of physical and psychological well-being related to digital technology use

9.2. INAPPROPRIATE: Johnny is picking on sally calling her fat

9.3. APPROPRIATE: Johnny tells sally she look beautiful that day