Stick Bug Study

Week four

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Stick Bug Study by Mind Map: Stick Bug Study

1. Soes it crawl or fly?

2. Does it bite?

3. what does it eat?

4. Discussion

5. Books about Stick Bugs

6. Sensory Activities including bug

7. Open ended questions about the stick bug

8. Does it have wings?

9. Magnifying glass

10. How long does it live?

11. Bug Catcher

12. How many legs does it have?

13. Do they all come in same colours and shapes?

14. Is it poisonous?

15. Where can we find them?

16. Can you draw it?

17. "For children in the early years of schooling, teachers can provide engaged and integrated learning experiences through the project approach, a three-phase structure for in-depth investigation of a topic that interests children (Katz & Chard 2000; Helm & Katz 2001)."

18. As an educator, I believe children should be given the opportunities to explore the world around them. Also, I believe children's curiosity should be supported by providing different materials to explore the world around them and their interests by asking open-ended questions, providing materials, and setting up open-ended provocations. I always ask myself, how can I expand children's curiosity? Or how can I help children grow their curiosity and help them get the answers they are curious about without giving direct correct answers?