How can we save the natural view of the planet?

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How can we save the natural view of the planet? by Mind Map: How can we save the natural view of the planet?

1. 1. Climate changes

1.1. Timeline: Climate Change

1.2. Climate modeling technology and its current application

1.3. Greenpeace climate control system

2. 2. Natural anomalies and a look into the future

2.1. How to maintain our health due to climatic anomalies ?

2.2. Local changes in natural phenomena

3. 3. Is technology friend or foe to the environment?

3.1. 7 green innovations that are changing the world

3.2. Space programs for the benefit of the environment

3.3. The evaluation of the realisation effectiveness of the ecological programmes by different companies

3.4. Modern technologies against ecology

4. 4. Global environmental policy

4.1. Turn to nature: modern environmental solutions in the context of a green transformation of the world economy and politics

4.2. Political ecology: the relationship of political, economic and social factors, environmental problems and changes

4.3. Make a rating of the most environmentally friendly companies in Russia and the world

4.4. How to combine ecology and economics?

5. 5. International environmental cooperation

5.1. Participation in the international conference "Ecology of a Big City 2022"

5.2. Preparation of articles for publication in the Russian-German Journal "Ecology and Law"

5.3. History of the Earth Hour promotion and its effectiveness

5.4. Adaptation to climate change: WWF's perspective