9 elements of Digital Citizenship

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9 elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: 9 elements of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Law

1.1. The legal rights and restrictions governing technology use

1.1.1. New node

1.2. Having your friend burn their itune song for you so you can have them.

1.3. Buying the songs from itunes and downloading them.

2. Digital Right and Responsabilities

2.1. The privleges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, amd the behavioral expectations that come with them

2.2. You are working on a project and you plagarize someone elses work for the internet.

2.3. You look up information for your project and quote the writers work in your project.

3. Digital Health and Wellness

3.1. The elements of physical and psycologiacal well-being related to digital technology use

3.2. You play video games all day and are not seeing you friends or family.

3.3. you play video games and stop to go and hang out with a friend.

4. Digital Security

4.1. The precautions that all tecnology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network

4.2. You dont lock your personal information aon face book and so others can know anything they want about you.

4.3. You block your profile and then only your friends and people you know can see you account.

5. Digital Literacy

5.1. The capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it.

5.2. Your teacher gives you the oppertunaty to go on moodle at home and you dont take advantage of it, and that makes your grade suffer.

5.3. Your teacher tells you that you can go on moodle and you go on to help your grade.

6. Digital Commerce

6.1. The buying and selling of goods online.

6.2. Using ebay to perchase or sell items.

6.3. Buying something online and then having your identity stolen because that website is not succure.

7. Digital Etiquette

7.1. The standards of conduct exepected by other technology.

7.2. Dont post videos or text that you wouldnt say in person.

7.3. Posting videos that when you look at them you say why did I post that.

8. Digital Access

8.1. Full electronic participation in society.

8.2. Having classes on the enternet.

8.3. Playing games all day long.

9. Digital Communication

9.1. The electronic exchange of information.

9.2. using your email or texting for work .

9.3. Using email, texting, and blogs to post stupid pictures.