classism in college

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classism in college by Mind Map: classism in college

1. price of textbooks

1.1. many professors require access codes

1.2. most of the time textbooks are not used

2. tuition

2.1. the us is one of the few countries where free tuition is not offered

2.2. there's no reason why it should be high in the first place

2.3. tuition not being lowered during covid

3. healthcare/ attendance

3.1. providing doctors notes

3.2. proof of healthcare or having to pay for the school's is ridiculous.

3.3. three absences in class means failing the whole class is also insane

3.4. many low income students rely on public transportation and things can happen that are out of their control

4. opportunities / studying

4.1. many people do not have the time to study due to having to work to afford college

4.2. lack of opportunities for students that have different backgrounds