Grand Challenge (Reverse Engineer the Brain) & Assigned Theme (Health)

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Grand Challenge (Reverse Engineer the Brain) & Assigned Theme (Health) by Mind Map: Grand Challenge (Reverse Engineer the Brain) & Assigned Theme (Health)

1. Health and Reverse Engineering the Brain

1.1. Reverse engineering the brain and health are correlated because the ability to reverse engineer the brain could lead to a better understanding of the human brain and thus more effective methods to sustain human health.

1.1.1. Information can be used to understand aspects of social intelligence and improve social lives.

1.1.2. Would help people understand and treat different medical issues such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

1.1.3. Could potentially lead to the ability for engineers to reproduce tissue models of the brain to help people with brain damage.

1.1.4. A better understanding of the brain and its functions would help with all kinds of mental illnesses and help people treat things like depression and anxiety.

2. Personal Importance

2.1. 1.) Reverse engineering the brain is the most important to me. There are so many different catalyst affects an achievement like this could have to health, technology, and advances in many fields. It is definitely the most fascinating.

2.2. 2.) Creating better medicines is most important to me because this would help a lot of people with mental illness and chronic conditions such as cancer. It can make treatments more tolerable and overall quality of life much better.

2.3. 3.) Health informatics is also very important but is not something I am quite as passionate about as the importance of better medicines. Being able to affectively keep and share medical records and valuable medical information will be key to the success of the world in future medical and health related advances.

3. Reverse Engineering the Brain correlation with all health themes

3.1. Engineering better medicine relates to reverse-engineering the brain because the ability to better understand the complex functions and design of the brain will also aid in the ability to understands how different medicines affect one's brain and why the brain responds better to different treatments.

3.2. Advancing health informatics will be gravely important for keeping all of the new information attained from reverse-engineering the brain organized- especially as more and more new things are discovered and can create better emergency responses to brain related incidences.

3.3. Reverse engineering the brain of course falls under this theme because the successful reverse engineering of the brain could lead to many different technological advances and improved knowledge that can be utilized to improve people's physical and mental health.

4. Biomedical Engineering and Reverse Engineering the Brain

4.1. Biomedical engineering, especially when focused on tissue materials could have fascinating implications on the grand challenge of reverse engineering the brain. One day, engineers could potentially be able to make real life models of the brain with actual brain tissue or recreate damaged parts of peoples brains if the right advances with reverse engineering the brain are achieved.

4.2. Biomedical engineering is very important for many medical and health advances.

4.2.1. Better medicine

4.2.2. Better prosthetics

4.2.3. Better technology

4.2.4. Better understanding of the human mind and body

4.2.5. Better treatements

4.2.6. And more.

4.3. Biomedical engineering can help prolong life span and quality of life (health) due to advances in the fields technology and new inventions.