math 8 flipped thoughts

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math 8 flipped thoughts by Mind Map: math 8 flipped thoughts

1. Homework

1.1. Content

1.1.1. Video

1.1.2. Exploration

1.1.3. Text

1.2. Checkpoint:after video each student takes a Moodle Quiz or a Zoho Challenge on the material covered in the video.

1.3. Student Summary Blog:blog post aggragated to Moodle and Greader via RSS

2. Startup

2.1. fact/question of the week

2.1.1. did not work for me

2.2. Socrative formative assessment based on previous class assigned problems (5 minutes)

2.2.1. assumes they are all in the same place

2.3. Check to see if blogs have been completed. Summaries are posted with sample question.

2.3.1. blog posts Ok but need to get small takeaways

3. Class Time

3.1. Seatwork from the material presented on video (50 minutes)

3.1.1. Adress individual (small group) needs based on startup assessment.

3.1.2. Differentiation as needed based on Homework Checkpoint

3.1.3. differentiation based on exit ticket

3.2. Ongoing project time-trying to use Scratch programming for this (15 minutes)

4. End Time

4.1. formative Socrative exit ticket based on current work (5 minutes)

5. To Do

5.1. Look at how I can better differentiate via projects beside just using Scratch. Or maybe Scratch will let me adress what Ineed.

5.2. Look at how I can differentiate and remediate via Videos

5.2.1. Look a this based on YouTube video and zoho in combination

5.3. Not always flipped

5.4. Multilevel differentiation

5.5. ixl

5.6. better notebook integration mini summaries of what they do

6. Just starting

6.1. Students will post photos of their notes and send them to my dropbox.

6.1.1. I have been asking kids to take notes, summaries, examples similar to the Cornel Notetaking system (notes, examples, summary). I had the printshop create a notebook with the Cornel Notetaking system template on each page. Students will take this home and show me their notes via photo. This will be added to homework via a dropbox upload.

7. Why?

7.1. Differentiate

7.1.1. Upper end differentiation

7.2. Be with them when they are doing work. Learned patterns of mistakes

8. Problems

8.1. More HW

8.2. Creative workload

8.3. Lack of detail attention